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We believe that the most direct way to reduce pollution is to diminish our consumption.


We manufacture in real time to avoid the accumulation of excess stock and fabric wastage. Our inventory is renewed as it depletes thus avoiding unnecessary dispersion. 

With the apparel industry accounting for more than 8% of global climate impact the time to be more responsible is now.  Any type of production that involves burning fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide - whether that be the manufacture of materials and packaging or the transportation of goods. 


To this end our garments are designed and constructed with longevity in mind both in style and quality. Our aim is for every piece to have a lifespan long enough to exhaust its carbon footprint, to lower waste, reduce landfill and outlast its ordinary life expectancy.  


Keep, renew and reuse. We can all do this to preserve our planet.

Kinder Aggugini



Founder and designer, KINDARE 

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